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The true story of one family's struggle with brain injury, this inspiring and compassionate recovery manual has helped thousands of families throughout the country and the world who have struggled with drastic life changes after brain injury. It is written specifically for the family of brain injury victims who often are struggling with emotions and issues that are overlooked by the medical system. Easily accessible, Missing Pieces: Mending the Head Injury Family offers advice, common sense counseling and understanding for the dark times in each family's struggle to cope with the pain of brain injury, whether from TBI, stroke, disease or disability. Marilyn Colter has been there. She discusses issues like:

  • how to deal with the abruptly dysfunctional family that brain injury creates
  • how to ease into new roles and expectations
  • why "letting go" is so difficult
  • how to change anger into a positive force
  • how to deal with a changed sexual reality
  • and how to sustain a belief that you're going to survive

It includes an interview with the author's brain-injured husband about his struggle to recover and deal with his own disability and family issues.

Since it was first published in 1987, Missing Pieces: Mending the Head Injury Family has been used by families, social workers, rehabilitation specialists, medical professionals and lawyers to help families cope. Offering suggestions, lists, worksheets, and exercises that will help any caregiver sort through the chaos of brain injury, and written in warm, understandable terms, this newly revised edition is a coping tool, a manual for recovery, and at times, a best friend who knows the pain caregivers are feeling.

Missing Pieces: Mending the Head Injury Family offers comfort and hope as families grieve—and then begin to rebuild.

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